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U Village Common Area Guidelines

University Village is private property; entry and travel is by permission and revocable at any time.

No soliciting of any kind is permitted. This includes passing out leaflets, selling goods or services, collecting donation or any other activity that has not been approved in writing by the University Village Management Office.

University Village Security maintains a Lost and Found on-site. If you have a lost and found item to turn-in or claim, please contact Security at 206-571-4362.

University Village regularly partners with non-profit entities to raise funds and awareness for causes. If you would like to be considered for such a partnership, please contact U Village at 206-523-0622 or at info@uvillage.com.

University Village regularly reviews requests for other special events. To submit a proposal for a special event, please contact the University Village Management Office at 206-523-0622 or at leanne@uvillage.com.

University Village parking lots are for customer use while shopping only. Violators may be ticketed and/or towed.

The following activities are not allowed:

  • Disruptive or threatening behavior of any kind
  • Sleeping or loitering on property
  • Violation of verbal or written trespass warnings
  • Possession or consumption of illegal substances in any quantity
  • Use of obscene language or gestures
  • Use of skateboards, rollerblades or bicycles on pedestrian walkways
  • Parking motor vehicles of any kind outside of marked parking areas
  • Overnight parking or parking a vehicle and leaving the property
  • Any act defined by federal, state or local codes and ordinances that may constitute a crime


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